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Just trying to show the world a little insight into this curious, excitable and down right mind boggling thought train that occurs everyday. I am by no means a master of words or literacy. No degree or PHD in language, just a realistic view of how the world can be perceived each day.

I’ve dabbled in and out of various languages like French, Greek, Spanish, always thinking maybe this one i’ll be good at. But nada, nil. Well I mean it tried and that’s what counts. A language enthusiast? Well i’d like to think so. Fluent in any? No. But, did I try? Hell yeah I did.

But I soon realised that there’s secret languages that we have surrounding us everyday and are yet to notice. Meaning we are yet to divulge into this fountain of wisdom. So here I am! Helping anyone who wishes to be shown these hidden jewels. I mean, maybe this is the one I’m fluent at : )

  • Stepping into the unknown

    24th July 2019 by

    This is probably one of the most fearful things I have ever done. I’m not witty, humours or gifted with portraying my thoughts of ‘wisdom’ or insight. Nor am I a talented writer or poet, I’m not overwhelmed with followers or even a fan base (if that’s what its called). However I was inspired and… Read more

  • The Vegan transcript, from a pre meat eater’s eyes.

    24th July 2021 by

    Vegan, that word seems to be cropping up everywhere in this new era. It’s been one hell of a year to say the least, from climate change sweeping destruction with natural disasters to political unrest its no wonder Climate change has been thrown into the lime light. So lets take a second to talk about… Read more

  • Happiness and where to find it

    12th April 2020 by

    What is happiness? How do we achieve happiness? Does it just simply come to us one night in our dreams? Is it a wide awakening one day when we’re waiting in line at the coffee shop? No, no it is not. I wish it was but it actually takes a weirdly, large amount of self-reflection.… Read more

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