About Me

Soozy Floozy

Newbie blogger


Bachelor degree with honours in History from John Moore university.

Qualifications: Foundations in CIPP pension administration, CIPP as a payroll technician. 

Certificates: TEFL/TESOL, TEFL/TESOL Advanced in teaching young learner, Duke of Edinburgh award (Bronze), First aid trained.


Volunteering: Lead of CSNW Environment network (ended Jul 21), volunteer vaccinator, NHS responder.


Currently a full-time employee dipping my toes into the health and safety pool. I have gained experience in various roles from a casual bartender and event assistant in the national museums, to working my way through payroll, pensions and the civil service. I also managed to juggle a part time online tutor job for TEFL students along the side.

About me

I love the outdoors and sporty activates so of course, I’m a hiker, rock climber, kayaker, gym goer and yogi fanatic. I’ve always had a strong pull towards nature and I’m generally at my happiest when surrounded by trees, plants (you’ll soon find this out), fresh air, you get the drift. I’m a traveller at heart and can’t think of anything better than divulging into a new culture or experience.

I was born and bred in the wonderful city of Liverpool! I’ve lived in Liverpool about 90% of my life went to university there, moved to my own flat and back again (love you mum), but I’ve also dabble my fair share off shore. I travel at pretty much any opportunity I can get my hands on. From staycations in Scotland, sandy beaches of India to the souks of Morocco. I did a short stay in Portugal and adore visiting my close friend in France. If there’s a trip or getaway you be assured I will be on it.

Obviously due to thus travel bug I have tried my hand (not very successfully) at some languages too. From Spanish and French to Greek and Chinese. I will be fluent in one at some point!

So here we are, I’ve shared a little about me as joy filled and interesting as you thought? Well, now let’s get to blogging so you can see more into this crazy bubble of mine! 🙂

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