A Thousand languages, but which one to pick?!

Stepping into the unknown

This is probably one of the most fearful things I have ever done. I’m not witty, humours or gifted with portraying my thoughts of ‘wisdom’ or insight. Nor am I a talented writer or poet, I’m not overwhelmed with followers or even a fan base (if that’s what its called).

However I was inspired and what a magical feeling it is. As many of us encounter this in our daily lives yet, let’s face it, we are often too fearful to move on it. Our very being is shrouded in fear so much that we rarely realise how much it stops us from moving forward. It literally freezes us solid.

So I thought ‘F#@! it, why not?!’ I spend enough time cocooned within my four bedroom walls, what’s a little longer? It also seemed a little less concerning than verbally ranting away to myself. A little less ‘one flew over the cuckoos nest’, a little more Andy Dufresne.

Now, to ensure I don’t begin rambling as is usual for me which I hope you soon come to see, I shall conclude my very first blog.

My first fear overcome … now operation remove the spider begins. Nothing can stop me now!

2 replies to “Stepping into the unknown

  1. Absolutely love this! An honest, realistic look into how it feels to put yourself out there… Bravo. I have serious appreciation for the legendary film references too. Looking forward to the next chapter in your blogging journey.

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